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Ultimate 351 Cleveland motor :needs new home

Back in December 2012 we had an customer who came to us for a special engine for his Ford Bronco that he was building up. No expense spared and the best of everything was the request...So we sat down and made a list of parts and prepped the original block and crankshaft.

Then over time the shopping list grew and grew until we had a pretty nice pile of parts to assemble into a potent Ford V8 package for the bronco...

Forgies and H-beams,Rockers and Rollercam,Edelbrock intake and name it its in there ! Its even got a custom sump and balanced heavy duty clutch kit.

But due to the G.F.C. or global warming or something about government conspiracy the customer ran out of money and pulled the pin on the bronco project.....Hence we have a pretty darn good motor looking for someones cozy engine bay to sleep in.

Do you have room in your shed for a fresh new Cleveland v8 with some grunt ?

Give us a call on 0355627622 or drop in to the shop and have a look .

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