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LS1 Stroker Build part1

LS Chev engines have no shortage of decent power out of the factory as a stock motor,and bolt on mods can wake them up a lot.

But once you delve deeper into them and pick a more aggressive cam profile and valve springs to match ,then you can really unlock the potential of these v8 powerhouses.

Example one is a 5.7 LS1 for a customer Garry,who came to us looking for a late model v8 that had an old school angry idle and grunt to match,just like his big block back in the day.

He specified he wanted a stroker with forged pistons and H-beam rods in case of supercharging later on.

We sourced a 383 cube premium kit that has been balanced and a collection of ARP stud kits for mains and heads, new street balancer and billet camchain kit. and victor reinz gaskets. A mellings select oil pump was chosen to beef up supply.

Next was the breathing ,and Lunati have a new line of Bootlegger roller cams that give an old fashioned lopey idle just like the thumpr and Tuff sound cams,but also have more lift for some real grunt to match the sound. We chose the middle cam in the range to work with the bigger capacity of the engine.

Next was a lunati Spring kit with locks and retainer/bases to match.

Stainless swirl polished valves were fitted to ported and machined 241 casting factory heads.

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