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1965 Jaguar mk2 3.4litre

After an oil pressure problem caused a conrod to try to escape out through the sump,This old Brit decided to call it a day.

Normally not such an issue but it turns out to be in demand for a wedding appearance next month !

Norm and the boys tear her down to see if she can live again.

Inside we find the crankshaft and 5 conrods need replacing,so we located another block,crank and later style improved rods to use as a good base.

So we order some oversized pistons and rings,bushes and bearings to suit the reground and crack-tested crank.

Also we modify the rear seal surface to take a neoprene 2 piece type adaptor .

This insures against oil leaks common to these jags

The engine block was resleeved and decked,then bored and honed to size.

We resized the conrods and fitted new small end bushes.then fitted the new pistons and rings,rod bearing shells.

Assembly was a bit trickier than usual due to the rear seal modification needing some trial fitting and checking.

The cylinder head was in pretty good shape for its age and only required a set of new valves and a basic reco/surfacing. New valve stem seals were fitted and then assembled.

Using a complex set of timing chains and idlers the valvetrain took some work to set up but went fairly smoothly together.

The alloy sump was repaired in the hole where the conrod escaped through.Then cleaned and refitted.The long motor was then finished off and manifolds and water pump fitted.

Ready to refit and fire up for the wedding

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